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This OptimalSort card sort study was launched on Feb 24 2015 and closed on Apr 21 2016.

The latest response was received on Mar 26 2015.

6 (100%) people completed your study out of a total of 6 participants. 0 abandoned.

Your completed participants created an average of 5 groups.


Time taken
6.32 mins 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
Lowest observed time: 3.10
Lower Quartile: 5.90
Median: 6.32
Upper Quartile: 10.72
Highest observed time: 15.05

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Actual agreement method

The actual agreement method works best with 30 or more participants and will depict only absolutely factual relationships. We call this the skeptical dendrogram.

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Best merge method

The best merge method often performs better than the actual agreement method when your study has fewer participants. It makes assumptions about larger clusters based on individual pair relationships.

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Participant-centric analysis

Consider information architectures (IAs) with
2 - 7 groups

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